Why do I like Pinterest

Why do I like Pinterest

Hello my friends,

I want to tell you about my opinion on Pinterest, how I use it and why it might be interesting for you too. Why Do I like Pinterest?

Social media it is not my specialty. Maybe, you’re wondering what I have to say about Pinterest than? And, I’m not going to talk about how you can make money on Pinterest either, because they are people more able to tell you how to do this.

Some time ago, I had an account on Pinterest, and I even didn’t know that I have one. I was logged in with my Facebook account. Then when I figure it out, I asked some of my friends about their accounts that I saw on Pinterest. I found that they did not really know what Pinterest is, and even they knew something they didn’t know they have an account.

I discovered a couple of months ago that even Irene, my daughter (13 years old) has a Pinterest account, besides many other accounts …. I do not want to confuse you with names 🙂 And I found it interesting that she was so well organized. Over the past few days, we were watching a movie with Penélope Cruz. Irene adored her instantly. When I told her that Penélope was a super-recognized international model, she was very impressed. The next day I entered my Pinterest account and visited her page too. I noticed with surprise that she had just organized a new collection with photos of the gorgeous diva. Pinterest is one of the few places on the Internet where I’m glad that she gets in. She learned to be organized, to find centers of interest. It gives me the impression that she found a new way of discovering herself and gives me the chance also to know about that. It’s interesting to see what are her tastes and interests over the time.

After all, what is Pinterest? Personally, I associate Pinterest with my value box. Some years ago, let’s not tell our age, though most of you know it … :)) I had a wooden box that I still keep at my mother’s home. In this box I have collected all sorts of sentimental values: a lever from the gearshift that I received from A, one bath soap of mine that B used, a piece of chocolate preserved from the first chocolate I ate with C, and D, E, F … we can still go on. Besides these, I also put aside some letters and photos, memories… eh:)

Now I have a bigger box that I fill with all sorts of pictures of beautiful places I want to see, with things I would love to have, with beautiful quotes that I like to read from time to time. Do not laugh, at least I am not cutting off pictures with dresses and shoes from Nekerman(an old German magazine) … I’ve dropped this interest for about 30 years:)) And because now I need an even bigger box, to stay organized and quickly find whatever interests me I create my Pinterest account.
Whenever we search for images on Google most of the time we wake up on pages where Pinterest is written above. There are a bunch of interesting photos. But after we close the window, we are not able to go back to the same place in the coming days.

Anyone can visit Pinterest. You can sign in directly from your Facebook account, from your Google account, or create an independent account in just a few minutes.

And then, the fun can start. Whenever you find a beautiful image that you want to keep it, just click on SAVE button with a small pin that appears on the picture. Pinterest will ask you where you want to save. Now you have the chance to create your first file or BOARD. You give it a representative name and you’re ready. The image will stay there forever. There is no limit on the boards’ number. You can save recipes, holiday homes, beaches, landscapes, yoga exercises, cars, DIY projects. I do not think there’s anything you can not find on Pinterest. Any topic you are interested in you should write it in the search bar. From there you can navigate through all sorts of pictures and videos. If you have your own pictures, things you’ve done or photographed and you want to put them on Pinterest, you can download them directly from your computer.

An interesting setting is that you can keep this boards secret, just for you, or you can let them navigate freely among those who like to sail like you and make collections. When you find a person who has interesting pictures and you want to see what he puts away in the future, then you can FOLLOW that person or a specific board from a person and so you will stay notified. When you enter in your account, on the top right of the page you will find the notification button that will show you what your friends have saved lately.

In addition, a feature that I really like is that, most of the time, when you click on a picture you just opened you are directed to the website or the blog from where it was saved in the beginning. So you can find out more about what you are interested in. You can get to a page where you can buy things you can see, or read more about that subject.

On Pinterest, you can leave also, comments or interact with people who have the same interests as you. For example, if you tried the cookie recipe posted by someone or a decoration project and you can take a picture of it you can upload it directly under that post 🙂 Like this, people can see that you find their post useful.

I love Pinterest. And I also like it because the posts do not go to the bottom, as it happens in other social media. They are always present. Anytime a search can get a picture of yours whether it’s been posted for two days or a whole year. People can save it at one moment in time, and it gets back to actuality.

Did I make you curious?
You can visit me on my Pinterest page: https://www.pinterest.ca/Mihaela2TW/pins/

If you find boards that interest you, FOLLOW me and you will be kept post it. I will follow you back so we can visit each other on PINTEREST :))

I hope you found my article interesting. If you have questions or you want to know more, leave a comment. If I know I will answer you right away and if I don’t, I will find a link on YOU TUBE that will explain what you want to know. See you on PINTEREST!