Thank you

Thank you

Hello everyone,

I wish you all a Happy New Year full of happiness and only good things. May you have health, peace, beautiful vacations, a lot of money, good kids, love, many friends, find your passions in the work.

I am writing you today, to thank you for having followed the invitation on my Facebook page, BO Projects.
Even if it is not yet well-populated with posts and we still do not understand exactly what we are talking about, I know you gave me LIKE and Follow because you were my friends and that moved me.. Yeiiii … Another big thank you.

I still have a few more things to say about what I’m going to do with the BO Projects. Stay close if you like interior design, product design or fashion design, decorations and accessories, all that can be thought of by the human mind and brought to form with human skills and hands.
There will be furniture projects, home decorations, interesting architecture and sometimes even clothing projects items, all that is beautiful and stylish. In a few words: Beautiful Outstanding Projects.

The posts will be written in English and most of them will be sent automatically from my website on the Bo Project FB page. There will be a link all the time, so you can dive directly into my site and read in a much more pleasant… and visible way.

You know me, I like talking a lot, especially when it comes to things that I am passionate about and that we have in common, so do not hesitate to write your comments on my site or FB, as we do every time that we publish everyday news.

I hope you’ll find my posts interesting, and you will share them with your friends from your lists, whom may be interested or who want to be part of the team. Which team? ….We’ll talk about that soon:)