I always had a passion for scooters and motorcycles. It was inspired by my father and my grandfather. I got my first scooter when I was 15. I remember those first days, learning to ride in the neighborhood. All the chickens on the hill were terrorized. Don’t worry. There were safe apart of a little panic. I chose to open my list of DIY projects with this Scooter-toy.

Have you decided to be a part of the BOprojectS’ Team? Do you want to start right now? Let me then present you my first project.
A toy and a storage space at the same time, that could be transformed later into a decorative furniture accessory. A pleasant memory to surround us. Imagine the kids dragging after them from one corner to another their books and toys. And this supercool phare that lights low the room in the night. Doesn’t it make of this toy a friendly companion? A water bottle can sit also for the night. The tablet or the phone can find their own place later. The saddle has a safe place for things that kids want to keep hidden. Some goodies, some favorite pet shops or a mirror and some make-up. The wagon can become a bookshelf or perfumes and other accessories space.

To transform this project into a final product I’ve thought of two possible ways. I first, design the toy on my computer. Then I prepared two types of files. One, in a specific format for CNC Router. If it happens that you have access to one of them, your work will be much easier. Just handle the digital format to a CNC’s operator and he will give you in return your curved pieces neatly cut.
The second option is the jpegs format for your printer. A usual home printer A4 or 8”x11.” After printing you have to cut with a pair of scissors all the square inside the pages and glue them together as the grid map show you, following the numbers. Glue them on a play wood board 1/4”(6mm) recommended. Now, you can cut the curved pieces as neatly as you can with your personal classic router or with a jigsaw. Those will be your future patterns for all the products that you will make.
No matter if you follow the computerized way or the manual one, the next steps should be easier: ASSEMBLING, PAINTING – some cute drawings or stickers. AND, why not letting your child participating in painting on the surfaces. DONE… Ready for the rewards?
If you are a dad or a mom that happens to enjoy crafting as a hobby than Have FUN with it! I hope you will like this project. And the big, beautiful smile on your child’s face will be your big reward. And if you are a craftsman, I wish you success. May your clients fall in love with your work.
For the ones who need to see how this project has been made I invite you to my workshop. I decided to make the prototype by myself. Is the first time when I used a saw or a router without my father assistance, but giving the outcome I believe it came out pretty well. I wanted to have fun, and I had. And I wanted to convince you that if I could do it – you can do it. I leave you to enjoy the whole video right here and I wish you success.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, I’ll be more than pleased to answer.

Mia Roman.