Be Partner

Make a team with a designer!
Have you ever wonder HOW it would be to make a team with a designer for your projects? Beat the competition with the companies that have their own designers? Saving time with your sketches, not worry about your computer skills or hand drawing especially the curved lines that seem so impossible to get drawn. Plus, you will have more happy clients by offering them beautiful, functional trendy projects.

Hi everyone. I’m Mia Roman and I am your designer.

Welcome to my workshop. We will talk about working with passion on something that you really love and about getting reworded.

For the ones who don’t know me yet, I invite you to check out my two other websites. See the links below.
Art Micheline
Miny World

I had different stages of my work and different names along the way. I was Micky as a child than Micheline as an artist and as a designer. Mihaela is actually my original name but lately, people call me Mia, shortly. Easier to pronounce, I guess :))… I like them all. No matter if I paint, if I saw, if I teach creativity to children, if I design cloth, landscape, products or spaces, I am the same person, same me. I was fortunate. Life offered me a lot of opportunities, why wouldn’t I try them all?

I am very passionate about my work and especially when it comes about children. I try to do my best, to provide them with a quality life education, surround them with a safe, comfortable, creative space.
Plus, the reword is triple. I make them happy, I make their parents happy and gain money at the same time.

A while ago, a skilled craftsman, which happens to be one of my friends, told me about this problem of not having cool ideas or any computers skills for drawing them. If some idea was passing through his mind, it was very difficult until he put it into practice, sometimes impossible because of his lake of talent to draw, especially curved lines. So we started to work as a team: me, designing the projects and him doing the work. Then, I heard the same thing again on one of my neighbors. He confessed me that It would be fun if he would have some new projects with all dimensions and proportions, as well as the patterns for the curved pieces.

I knew what I had to do. I had to make teams with craftsmen that love their work as much as I love mine. Working with passion is very important to me and I like to have around me, people with same beliefs. So, here I am. Your designer. We will grow our businesses together. I will provide you with projects, I will add value to your work and you will add value to mine, by letting your talent express through my projects.
Together we will make gorgeous projects that will surprise the parents, make happy many children and make some good money for us, also.
I came up with a plan in three steps:

First Step

You’ll buy my projects, usually for a very fair price. There will be probably most of all between 20$ and 50$ depending on the complexity. Is probably the price that you can buy a trim bit for your router or a blade for your saw.
I have to mention, that ones you have bought any of my projects you have the right to produce them as many times as you want. In fact, I challenge you. Produce as many as you can. So this leads to the second step;

The second step

Produce the actual finished product. You have the right to change some features if you are hit by an inspiration. You are not allowed, though, to sell my digital or paper project or giving it to anyone else neither if you modified them. It wouldn’t be right, and I really aim for an honest partnership.

The third step

Sell your project. Are you a craftsman? Do you have your own company? And if you don’t have, maybe it’s time to start one. Come on! Take a leap of faith. Maybe it’s time to win your money by doing the things that you really enjoy; working with passion on something that you really love, in your own peace. You can start in your garage, in your shed or in your friends’ garage.
And, you can start with one project that I already prepared… with just 20$. It is a good price, isn’t it? Others projects will come. I promise you. Sometimes with a partnership bonus, sometimes even free.
You can sell your products online, on your blog, on Facebook, Pinterest, youtube, amazon…there are so many possibilities. You can ask at a local toy store or in a home decor furniture store…never know, where you may have the chance to sell it.

The instructions

how to download a project will be sent on your e-mail. The kit contain a PDF very explanatory of the assembling and the dimensions of the pieces. In the annexes, are two types of files. One, in a specific format for the CNC Router. If it happens that you have access to one of them, your work will be much easier. Just handle the digital format to a CNC’s operator and he will give you in return your pieces neatly cut.
The second option is the JPG format for your home printer. A normal printer A4 or 8”x11”. After printing, you have to cut all the squares inside the pages and attach them together as the grid map show you, by following the numbers. Glue them on a thin board 1/4” or 6mm. Now, you can cut out as neatly as you can with your personal router or a pendulum blade. These will be your future patterns for as many products you’ll gonna make.
You can watch tutorial videos direct from Website or on my YouTube and Pinterest channels.
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For any questions regarding my projects or other projects of yours that you want to find solutions don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to help.

I’m looking for to meet you,
Mia Roman