Either you are a craftsman or a carpenter, or simply a person that have a hobby for tools and doing things around the house, here is your place.
Together we will form our team and we will share our passion for work. We will help each other to grow our business. Also you can simply enjoy the projects for you, your family and friends.

My Mission
is to offer the best quality and creative projects for furniture and accessories dedicated to children.
I offer my support to carpenters and craftsmen by providing them with:

1. Drawings and dimensions
2. DIY instructions
3. Easy to cut patterns using home printed files or special format for CNC routers

I am a designer since high school when I started to make my first money designing dresses for prom.
A lot of hours in my father’s workshop as a mechanic and tinsmith make me aware of things that I am capable doing with my hands: to send and paint a car board, to dismantle and assemble brake systems, to rebuild a differential group.
The University of Design came naturally and complete my education for the professional I became. That was the place were I learned to value teamwork. Working late at night with my colleagues, helping them and yet get helped in return, made me feel part of something great.
In parallel I developed a passion for teaching, probably a consequence of my high school background. Also i felt the need to share my knowledge with children, so curious about activities in constructions, crafts and art.
So here I am, couldn’t decide between design and teaching creativity … on final ending up by making them both, with pride.

Now, it is about you! Tell me your story. Who are YOU ? How did you get your passion for design and craft?
Together we will form our team and we will find a path full of accomplishments.
As a TEAM we will be capable to accomplish a multitude of Beautiful Outstanding Projects and show all of them to the world.

And, if you are a good seller? Stick around. We want to here your story, too. You can help us selling our stuff, like our projects and products, and make yourself a commission. Be our affiliate!



    Beautiful Outstanding Projects starts here with you and me!